May 30 - BDP International UK Ltd and its Indian project logistics unit Unique Global Logistics (UGL) have coordinated the shipment of a 200-tonne mobile oil rig from the port of Southampton to Rajasthan, India.

A 70-tonne rig trailer, 40-tonne hydraulic power unit, alongside ancillary parts and equipment totalling almost 4,000 cu m, were shipped to an oilfield in Rajasthan, where the rig will be operated by a European drilling contractor.

and UGL booked a part charter vessel, on which the smaller units were stored below deck and the larger pieces lifted and secured onto the deck.

On arrival at the Indian port of Mundra, UGL arranged transportation to the final job site.

"The rig itself is owned by a French company so we worked with BDP France and UGL for shipment from the UK to India and door delivery to Barmer, Rajasthan oil exploration and production field," explained BDP UK's country manager, Anthony Akerman.