April 8 - Berard Transportation has been busy coordinating the launch of a fast support vessel, as well as relocating a 200-tonne cold box.

The 260-tonne vessel Jolie, which measured 62.5 m long and 10 m wide, was pulled from its fabrication yard using a Peterbilt prime mover. Three winch trucks and the prime mover were then used to ease the vessel down a launch ramp into the Bayou Teche waterway. Because the waterway is only 45.7 m wide, a bulldozer pulled the stern of the vessel towards the shore as the bow pivoted on a front dolly.

The Berard team also successfully completed the movement of a 200-tonne cold box; four 65-tonne climbing jacks were used to lift the 18.3 m x 7 m x 7.6 m box to transportation height before 18 axle lines of Goldhofer PST-ESE transporters were moved into position. With less than 6 cm clearance the cold box was squeezed out of the fabrication shop and moved to a nearby painting area where it was lowered onto pipe stands.