June 30 - Mammoet has revealed plans for a massive new version of its platform ringer twin boom containerised crane, the PTC-120DS.

The new crane, which is still in the design stages, will offer maximum lift capacity of 3,000 tonnes at 48 metre radius, 2,000 tonnes at 53-54 metres, 1,000 tonnes at 98 metres and 500 tonnes at 122 metres radius.

The Netherlands-based heavy lifting company's crane is designed to mobile crane standards, with 360 degree slew in normal configuration, but can also be rigged to run on straight tracks. Slewing is via normal crane type rollers, with 360 degrees taking 30 minutes.

The PTC 120 can also self-erect its own boom, allowing it to lower the boom in case of severe winds.

Meanwhile, the latest generation SK cranes from international heavy transportation and lifting company ALE (Abnormal Load Engineering) offer lift capacity of 3,152 tonnes (SK90) and 4,518 tonnes (SK120) at 27.5 metres outreach, the equivalent of 48 metres radius, says ALE.

The SK machines slew around a fixed ballast position, which gives major advantages on congested sites and enables the machine to stand "off plot" lifting at radii not possible before.

Staffordshire, UK, based ALE's SK90 completed its first major lift earlier this year when it was used to lift a 69 metre long depropaniser column weighing 755 tonnes at a petrochemical plant in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

Working at 84 metres outreach, the SK90 allowed engineers to complete foundations and piperacks in advance of column installation. The installation of the depropaniser column was the first of a number of major lifts on the project.