March 29 - The TII Group (consisting of Scheuerle, Nicolas and Kamag) has identified the alternative power generating industry as a growth sector and designed a range of equipment for the transport of offshore and onshore plants for this challenging indus

The group will be presenting new vehicle concepts for transporting rotor blades, nacelles and tower segments at this year's Bauma exhibition in Germany. Scheuerle is presenting a world-first with its patent-pending blade adapter while innovative developments like the wind tower adapter from Nicolas, which can be used to drive Vestas V90 nacelles in addition to tower segments.

In order to handle blades, Scheuerle's blade adapter has been developed for the final segment of the transport to a wind power station site, often difficult to access.

Winding roads often require laborious manoeuvring or even the unloading of the vehicle and moving the load by crane. The patent-pending blade adapter can be fitted very easily either to the self-propelled InterCombi SP or to a slab deck of a trailer combination.

This new Scheuerle system can be used for semi-trailer combinations or for self-propelled vehicles.

Scheuerle will also present a new wind tower adapter at this year's Bauma. Designed for wind tower segments up to 90 tonnes with a diameter of up to 5m, the new adapter is compatible with the whole Scheuerle Combi series (EuroCombi, FlatCombi, InterCombi) and with the Scheuerle-Kamag K25. The adapter can either be mounted directly on the platform or be used as a free-turning device with supporting tip frame and swivelling bolster.