November 13 - Blue Water Shipping has been involved in a project for Bladt Industries in connection with the construction of a bridge in Odense, Denmark.

"Since the project was assigned to us in March, we have been in close dialogue with Bladt Industries regarding the transport, which we have adapted to the small changes that a large project like this will inevitably encounter," said Kenneth Ruby, project manager at Blue Water Copenhagen.

Blue Water chartered the coaster vessel Tina in order to ship the bridge elements from Poland to Denmark. Bladt Industries took care of the loading of the sections, while Blue Water handled the lashing and securing on board as well as the onward transport to the site in Odense. Upon arrival in Odense, Blue Water's own stevedore team from Lindoe was in charge of discharging the cargo.

The final part of the transport, from the port to the site, could only be carried out at night due to the dimensions of the cargo - the largest section measured 41 m long x 10 m wide, and weighed in at 119 tonnes.

This part of the transport was performed on multi-axle trailers that, in addition to distributing the weight on the road, also offered a hydraulic unloading facility, which saved costs compared with expensive cranes, said Blue Water.

The 135 m long bridge, which will connect the port of Odense with the city, weighs 483 tonnes and crosses 15 railway tracks.