Blue Water Shipping is partnering with Klimate to expand its carbon compensation offering.

blue water shipping

Source: Blue Water Shipping

Klimate’s integrated platform provides carbon removal strategies and actions. Blue Water said that through the company’s portfolio, customers can invest in the removal of carbon from the atmosphere that corresponds to their unavoidable emissions. 

“We experience a demand in the market for greener solutions, however, sustainable transport and logistics can be difficult to see through,” said Per Jakobsen, business development manager, sustainable solutions at Blue Water. “That is why we are happy to provide Klimate’s high-quality and reliable carbon removal solutions, offering full visibility of project scope and permanence.”

Blue Water said that carbon removal offerings – including forestation or direct air capture and storage of carbon from the atmosphere – have a great potential for meeting various companies’ ambitions and budgets. Investments in sustainability projects outside of the supply chain through certified methods (offsetting) can serve as an easily accessible way to get started with a more sustainable transport and logistics solution, it added.

Through the platform, Blue Water customers will be able to maintain transparency of the projects invested in and follow the delivery and effect of the carbon removal initiative.