January 25 - Blue Water Shipping and Bremer Reederei E&B (BREB) have founded a new joint venture, Blue Water BREB, with the main focus on servicing the wind energy industry in Germany.

BREB, which has been active in the German offshore wind industry since 2008, has joined forces with Blue Water Shipping which has more than 20 years of experience providing services to the wind industry both on and offshore.

"Blue Water BREB has a unique set-up, combining the knowledge and expertise of two strong companies - and with this joint venture, we can now offer all types of transport and logistical services at all key locations for the German offshore wind industry," states Arne Ehlers, managing director and partner of BREB.

Managing director of Blue Water Shipping, Kurt Skov said: "Together with BREB, our main focus will be to offer solutions tailored to the needs and demands of each client - and thereby optimising the clients' supply chain."

According to Blue Water Shipping, the range of services offered by the new joint venture includes port agency, stevedoring, loading, discharging, storage and transport.


Pictured from left to right: Søren Stougaard, Peter Ehrhorn (Blue Water Shipping), Arne Ehlers (BREB), Brian Sørensen, Kurt Skov and Per Jensen (Blue Water Shipping).