November 29 - Senegal's Port Autonome de Dakar (PAD) has awarded the contract to operate the gateway's ro-ro terminal to Bollor

After a drawn out tendering process that began in 2010, Bolloré Africa Logistics has been selected to manage all ro-ro logistics operations at the Port of Dakar. As part of the deal, Bolloré Africa Logistics will invest EUR97 million (USD132 million) over the next 25 years to strengthen the competitive appeal of the port.

To accommodate high capacity ships, Bolloré Africa Logistics will extend the existing wharf to 165 m at a draught of 10.5 m. A new 30,000 sq m car park will be built to accommodate ro-ro car traffic, state-of-the art equipment will be installed and a new computer system will be implemented.

"This bold commitment on the part of Bolloré Africa Logistics at the Dakar Port reflects our belief in making Dakar's ro-ro terminal one of the most efficient in all of Western Africa," said Dominique Lafont, president of Bolloré Africa Logistics.