October 13 - The Sarens Group has equipped its CC 8800-1 crawler crane fleet with the Terex Boom Booster.

The Boom Booster replaces the bottom part of a standard CC 8800-1 boom, increasing its capacity by 60 percent.
The Boom Booster is 10 m wide and 3.2 m high, with a total weight of 197 tonnes. Its elements are assemblies of single girders and lacings with pinned connections. The parts can be stored in transport racks and moved in ten 40 ft containers, enabling fast and efficient worldwide shipment and deployment, says Terex.
The aim of the Boom Booster is to increase the capacity of the CC 8800-1, which is capable of handling up to 1,600 tonnes, at short radii and long boom lengths by reducing lateral deflection of the boom. The Boom Booster can be used for the assembly of large wind turbines, heavy refinery columns, solar towers, flare stacks and more, explained Sarens.
Sarens has acquired two Boom Boosters that can be retrofitted to its fleet of six CC 8800-1s. One is working at Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands, where 38 wind turbines are being erected for Enercon. These turbines have a tower height of 135 m and a capacity of 7.5 MW each.
A second CC 8800-1 with Boom Booster is working at the Sadara Project in Jubail, Saudi Arabia, where it has lifted an 85 m high column weighing 800 tonnes. A second column lift is scheduled for the end of 2014.