November 26 - Royal Boskalis Westminster, the Netherlands-headquartered provider of global marine services, has outlined its intention to purchase marine contactor and heavy-lift shipping services provider, Dockwise, for a total of EUR682 million (USD884.

A statement from Boskalis said the combination would broaden the maritime services offering for the offshore energy market providing "new strategic opportunities for accelerated growth of the offshore services".

ceo of Boskalis, Peter Berdowski, argued "The combination creates a world class maritime player, well positioned for the offshore energy market."

Dockwise, which took over fellow heavy lift provider Fairstar Heavy Transport in July, has expressed a positive attitude towards the combination.

In a statement, the board of directors at Dockwise noted that it would consider the offer to assess its merits, risks and consequences for the organisation and its shareholders, as well as employees and other stakeholders.

Only a matter of hours after the original statement. Boskalsis said it had acquired approximately 4 million shares in Dockwise in the course of trading today. This shareholding represents more than 10 percent of the shares in Dockwise.