January 2 - According to a report in Daily News - a Tanzanian online newspaper - breakbulk cargo shipments are being delayed at the port of Dar es Salaam because of a deal entered into by the Tanzania Ports Authority (TPA) and Maersk Tanzania Limited.

The Daily News reports that under the agreement, Maersk Tanzania Limited's container ships are being given priority access at the gateway, adding that TPA, which is the sole operator of the general cargo terminal at Dar es Salaam port, is now struggling to handle containerised cargoes and breakbulk shipments due to limited capacity.

Chairman of the Tanzania Shipping Agency Association (TASAA), Peter Kirigini is quoted as saying that TPA is unaware of any existing contract between Maersk Line and TPA but is aware that container vessels enjoy some priority berthing at TPA, which needs to be reviewed due to the current situation.

Tanzania Freight Forwarders Association (TFFA) president, Steven Ngatunga, seemed unfazed by the developments. He is quoted as saying that: "I am on leave till January 2, 2014. These issues are a regular headache so it's important that one takes time off."

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