April 10 - Columbus, Mississippi headquartered Burkhalter Rigging has won both Rigging Job of the Year and Hauling Job of the Year awards from the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association (SCRA).

The rigging, lifting and transport provider was presented with the awards at SCRA'a annual awards dinner in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.
Rigging Job of the Year was awarded for Burkhalter's rigging, positioning and setting of the new Galveston Causeway railroad bridge, and the removal of the existing bascule road bridge.
The new 118 m wide, 1360.8 tonne bridge was delivered to the jobsite via barge and set into place with only 3 cm of horizontal clearance on either side. Challenges included strong currents, coastal winds and gas and water lines running underneath the channel limiting the depth to which the barge could be lowered. Moreover, the project had to be executed within a strict 7-hour time limit to allow for scheduled rail traffic to resume.
The existing rail bridge was removed in a five-hour window, provided by a second railway line closure. To safely move the 771 tonne bridge, Burkhalter had to engineer a lifting solution to shift the bridge's centre of gravity by 45 degrees to load it onto a waiting river barge.
Hauling Job of the Year was awarded for the transportation of two hydrogen sulphide absorbers to Mississippi Power's Kemper County IGCC project.
Each absorber measured 72.5 m x 6.4 m x 6.1 m and weighed just shy of 647 tonnes. The absorbers were delivered by barge from Port of Mobile, Alabama to Bigbee Valley, Mississippi.
From Bigbee, each unit was shifted using 160-axles of Goldhofer modular transporters to the Kemper County facility 122 km away. According to Burkhalter, this project was the largest-ever transported on public highways in Mississippi, and one of the heaviest consignments shifted on a US highway.

The award-winning Rigging Job of the Year