October 20 - While 2009 has provided some of the hardest business conditions for a generation, Mammoet reports that it has enjoyed a bullish period of activity for its jack ups and mega load outs.


The heavy lift operator's 2,400 tonne jack-up system and strand jack system were particularly busy in Asia. In just five months, Mammoet undertook three major jack-ups with weights of up to 14,000 tonnes and lifts up to 23m.

The three projects were: Angel CPP Deck (8,000 tonnes, lift of 23m, in Malaysia); Jurong Semi-Sub 1088 (10,000 tonnes, lift of 19m, in Singapore); and SuTuVang CPP Deck (14,000 tonnes, lift of 10m, in Batam).
Mammoet transported the jack-up units between the yards on a barge and without disassembling them, in order to speed up the mobilisation of the equipment. This method actually saved the company 20 days for mobilisation/demobilisation. Mammoet was able to carry out maintenance on the units while they were in transit.
For the Angel Platform assembly and jack-up, the platform was constructed about 170m from the quayside. Mammoet had to bring the deck to the quayside and place it on top of a 22.5m high load-out frame. As the deck was not suitable for lifting by cranes, it had to be skidded and jacked up.

The final load out was completed in August.