July 14 - CEA Projects has handled the shipment of a catamaran called Calypso Blue from Thailand to Australia.

After successful sea trials, Calypso Blue sailed to Sri Racha Port, where CEA lifted it from the water and loaded it onto a vessel for shipment to Australia.

CEA provided modular bars, slings, shackles and two divers for the loading operations. The 8 m long modular spreader bars were assembled and the slings attached, before the slings were lowered into the water and fastened together by the divers.

Tag lines were then attached to the catamaran, allowing CEA to manoeuvre the boat into position and successfully lift the boat out of the water and place it onto specialised stools on the ship's deck.

Finally, CEA's rigging team lashed down the catamaran to the vessel's deck.

CEA Projects is a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) and the XLProjects (XLP) network.