July 30 - CEA Projects - a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Thailand - has successfully transported two catamarans along the Eastern seaboard of Thailand's Gulf Coast.

The first vessel, weighing 25 tonnes and measuring 22 m x 11 m x 6 m, was moved from the sea to a factory for repairs. The second, a brand new catamaran weighing 35 tonnes with dimensions of 20 m x 8 m x 6.5 m, was delivered from its manufacturing plant to the sea.
Michael Parham, business development manager at CEA Projects, explained: "While the two owners of the vessels are not related it just worked out to be perfect timing as both of the vessels needed to be moved so the owners got together working with CEA to split the civil works."
The works included leveling out the beach for shoring and launching, and the laying of steel plates so the 10-axle line hydraulic trailer and prime mover would not sink in the sand.
The entire project was completed safely over the course of three days.