March 26 - The global network for equipment owners and asset based companies within the heavy cargo transport market, Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE), is marking its first year of operation.

"Before the CEE, there was no global marketing tool offering networking and related services for companies which operate new technology and equipment to move heavy cargo overland, by water or through the air," said Wolfgang Karau, CEE director of operations. 

Existing networks for the logistic sectors were then focused on serving freight forwarders. The CEE concept was new to the transport market and created interest from hauliers, crane operators, stevedores, port and airport operators, export packers and carriers and manufacturers of equipment.

"The overwhelming response and interest from those who visited our booth in Singapore [the 2nd Asia Break Bulk Exhibition in January] showed to us that the concept behind the CEE is welcomed and embraced by equipment owners, offering them a new tool for their global marketing strategies and opportunities to get same time new potential business partners and allies," says Maarit Karau, CEE director of marketing.

"We shall have a presence in the upcoming 5th European Break Bulk in Antwerp from 18-20th May, as well as being present at the 21st Annual Break Bulk Exhibition in Houston in October."

Membership of CEE is on exclusive basis in terms of service categories and locations, reflected by defined search functions on the network´s website.