February 26 - The 450-tonne clipper ship City of Adelaide has arrived at Port Adelaide on board Combi Lift's heavy lift vessel Palanpur.

On December 9, 2013, HLPFI reported that the City of Adelaide had begun its journey to Australia from Scotland via the Port of Rotterdam, and after a three-month journey the vessel has finally arrived.

Wiebbe Bonsink, general director of the principal transportation contractor HEBO Maritiemservice BV, was in Adelaide to personally supervise the unloading.

The clipper was unloaded at Berth 18 using Palanpur's two onboard 450-tonne capacity cranes, before being skidded, lifted and transferred on to a barge, he explained.

Once on board the barge, Bradley, the City of Adelaide was towed by two tugs into Dock One in the inner harbour of Port Adelaide - a move which required the special opening of the Diver Derrick road bridge and rail bridge, both of which carry traffic and trains across the port river.

Both the clipper and barge will remain in Dock One for up to 12 months, during which time preservation of the vessel will get underway, as well as work necessary to make it safe for people to go aboard the City of Adelaide, which will involve the removal of transport bracing and creation of defined walkways and lighting.

"The Government of South Australia has now recognised the importance of a permanent inner harbour location in central Port Adelaide for the historic vessel and discussions are underway to determine a suitable site," said Bonsink.

Bonsink explained that the preservation trust, Clipper Ship City of Adelaide Ltd (CSCoAL), which won the rights to bring the ship back to Adelaide in 2010, is actively promoting Fletcher's Slip as the most suitable location since it has historical links with the ship as well as infrastructural advantages.

A ceremonial event is expected to be held in May to recognise the 150th anniversary of the launching of the City of Adelaide on May 7, 1864.