March 9 - Cory Logistics is concluding the first phase of a three month assignment to transport an entire steel production plant to India from the UK. The movement has entailed loading and shipping 140 feus plus 4,500 tonnes of breakbulk cargo and OOG ite

Cory, part of the Braemar Shipping Services plc group, put together a dedicated team of transport, freight and chartering staff to oversee the transfer of the steel production line from a redundant Sheffield steel mill via Felixstowe and Hull to the Port of Chennai.

According to Mark Harding, Cory commercial director: "We are fortunate to have all the capabilities under one roof to handle a cargo this large. Although the planning has been complex and challenging, having a dedicated team on the task has enabled us to offer a competitive advantage."

Cory undertook the project in association with the Canadian company, SCAC and the first phase is now nearing completion with the containers travelling via Felixstowe and the breakbulk cargoes consolidated in Hull ready for shipment. Some of the equipment measures 12 metres in length and 5 metres wide with individual weights up to 30 tonnes.

Phase two of the project is due to start in May when Cory Logistics will move other steel production line machinery from the redundant Sheffield mill on behalf of the India-based buyer.