February 19 - COSCO Shipping Co. Ltd. (Coscol) has loaded two 566-tonne liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) tanks on its heavy lift vessel DA AN at the Jiangyin Port in Jiangsu, China.

This breaks the record for the heaviest single lift onto a Coscol vessel, claims the company.

The tanks each had a length of 33.39 m, height of 15.12 m and breadth of 14.35 m - dimensions which required extensive preparations before lashing, lifting and loading could take place.

Coscol designed a bespoke lifting beam with a length of 24 m, as well as the bending plate which was used for lashing.

The vessel upon which the cargoes were loaded, DA AN, has a tandem lifting capacity of 700 tonnes, a length of 179.5 m, breadth of 28 m, depth of 14.8 m and a hold capacity of 37,000 cu m.

DA AN is one of four vessels of this type owned by Coscol, which are suitable for carrying outsized cargoes in the specialised shipping market.