September 19 - Four of Crowley Maritime Corporation's ocean class tugboats have worked together to deliver the offshore oil production and drilling platform, Olympus, from Ingleside, Texas, 684 km to its deepwater location in the US Gulf of Mexico.

The Crowley ocean class tugs - Ocean Wave, Ocean Wind, Ocean Sky and Ocean Sun - worked together in both nearshore and offshore waters to relocate the 120,000-tonne and 124 m tall tension-leg platform.

Initially, the tugs helped push the Olympus away from the Keiwit facility dock in Ingleside, through the port of Aransas, and into deeper waters. Once outside of the port, the platform was towed to its final location in more than 915 m of water.

In the final stage, three of the vessels helped to position the platform in its final location and remained on site to provide support as the platform was attached to tendons and made storm-safe.

Crowley's ocean class tugs are twin-screw vessels with controllable pitch propellers in nozzles, high lift rudders and a bollard pull of more than 147 tonnes. All four vessels are capable of rig moves, platform and FPSO unit tows, emergency response, salvage support and firefighting.