February 25 - Ravenna-based Compagnia Trasporti e Spedizioni (CTS) is set to lift what it claims is the heaviest-ever cable reel produced by the manufacturer - 397 tonnes - at the end next month.

The opening of a plant of a cable reel manufacturer at the quay where CTS loads Wartsila ships' engines has provided this trade for CTS.

The company is also involved in heavy lift operations in the area of Trieste as a shareholder in local company Logitruck, which undertakes operations moving Wartsila ships' engines and Redaelli cable drums. Logitruck handles freight for shipping line Samer & Co.

Last year the companies worked together to handle the movement of a disassembled Liebherr shore crane through Triest. 

The crane arrived in Triest onboard a Beluga Projects vessel and CTS was contracted to manage shoreside movements using Logitruck equipment available in the port.

The largest section was 60 m long, weighing some 100 tonnes and CTS / Logitruck handled movements from alongside the ship to the assembly area . 

The crane was eventually loaded onto a barge and transported from Triest to Koper.