May 27 - The Cuxport multi-purpose terminal is building on previous success stories.

The largest port operator in Cuxhaven achieved an increase of more than 32.6 percent during the first quarter of 2010. According to a company statement, the rise in tonnage came mainly from project- and steel cargo, forest products as well as from the increased handling of new cars.

The well-used transshipment and logistics centre for ro-ro cargoes, automobile logistics and steel, handled 375,665 tonnes of freight during the first three months of this year.

Business was also brisk for the port operator in the steel import sector - some of this steel was destined for the local manufacturers of offshore wind power components.

Overall, imports rose by 58.4 percent. Exports increased by 25.3 percent at the same time. Today the port is also developing into a specialist facility for the offshore wind energy sector and is equipped with a heavy load platform for the handling of bulky project loads. As an offshore base port, the operator also provides the necessary space and equipment for storage and pre-assembly of the huge machine parts involved. 

Located near planned offshore wind parks, Cuxport also provides suitable port capacity that can be used for offshore service and maintenance operations.