February -27- The China Offshore Oil Engineering Co., Ltd (COOEC) has awarded the Finnish engineering company Deltamarin Ltd the Basic Design and Engineering Contract for their 50,000 DWT Semi-Submersible Self-Propelled Heavy Lift Vessel (SSHLV 50000 DWT)

The contract includes both Concept Design Development and Basic Design, including classification documentation.

'Deltamarin won this contract due to our extensive references and experience. One of the most recent similar references is under construction in China. Further, we have very good relation with COOEC, although this relation is very young', states Deltamarin's Sales Director Offshore Mr. Timo Granberg, who has been involved in the project and contract negotiations from the very beginning.

COOEC project manager Mr. Li Zhilei says: 'Deltamarin is aspiring to co-operate with COOEC and we believe they will be doing their best for this project. We believe that we will have more common projects via this co-operation.'

The vessel to be designed is a self-propelled, DP2 capability, semi-submersible flat top transport vessel, which will serve mainly for offshore oil & gas exploration and development. Its navigation and service range will be unrestricted ocean service. The vessel's approximate main dimensions are: length overall 219 m, moulded breadth 42 m, moulded depth 13 m and draft draught 10 m. The design and construction of the vessel will meet CCS (China Classification Society) rules and regulations as well as the latest requirements of SOLAS and IMO.