dship Carriers has expanded its fleet with two general cargo vessels: Eemslift Dafne and Eemslift Nadine.

dship_Eemslift_Nadine_is_one_of_the_new_vessels_within_dships_fleet copy

Both vessels have a deadweight of 4,200 tonnes and onboard cranes that have a combined lifting capacity up to 300 tonnes. They are certified for open-hatch sailing and will be serving dship’s clients in all major industry segments—such as oil and gas, floating cargo and renewable energy.

They are some of the fastest vessels in dship’s fleet and will be able to execute shallow port calls.

“With the addition of Eemslift Dafne and Eemslift Nadine, we are not only expanding our existing fleet, but are also able to offer our existing and new clients an extended service portfolio in times of tighter space availability,” said Lars Feller, global vice president of dship Carriers.