September 1 - Hamburg port terminal operator Steinweg has inked a deal to acquire a Generation 5, G HMK 7608 mobile harbour crane (MHC) from Gottwald Port Technology for its multi-purpose terminal at the Port of Hamburg.

The G HMK 7608 has a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tonnes and a maximum radius of 51m. Steinweg has been operating an identical Gottwald Mobile Harbour Crane at the terminal since 2006.


The new crane will work from the end of October 2009 on Kamerunkai (Cameroon Quay) where Steinweg handles project cargoes and heavy lifts as well as box and metal traffic. Both MHCs can, in the future, work in tandem lift operations, allowing them to handle very heavy loads weighing up to 300 tonnes.


Ulf Boll, Steinweg managing director, says: "We are very satisfied with both the efficiency and the reliability of the first crane. For this reason, we decided to stay with Gottwald when it came to expanding our capacity. Thanks to the second high-performance mobile harbour crane, we will be well positioned in the future to cater to our customers' specific needs even better than before, especially in the heavy lift category."


Meanwhile, in the United States, Gottwald has secured another order for a Generation 5 MHC; this time for a floating crane version.


Associated Terminals, Louisiana has ordered a Generation 5, G HPK 6400 B Floating Crane, a variant of Model 6 and derived from Gottwald MHCs. The new crane, which is scheduled to enter service in February 2010, will be used for transhipping a variety of cargo including bulk materials and general cargo from large ocean-going ships to smaller river barges on the Mississippi river.