April 28 - DYT Yacht Transport's Super Servant 4 diverted six miles from its course to Saint Thomas in order to assist racing sailors Thierry Chabagny and Erwan Tabarly aboard their dismasted yacht Gedimat.

The 9.75 m Figaro Beneteau II, which is competing in the 6,260 km Transat AG2R La Mondiale race from France to the French Caribbean island of Saint Barthelemy, radioed the ship for help when the yacht dismasted during a gale and its diesel ran dry as the vessel tried to reach the island of Madeira.

Super Servant 4 diverted and delivered two 20-litre drums of diesel to Gedimat so that the boat would have enough fuel to reach Madeira, where the two sailors planned to refuel before proceeding to Lagos, Portugal where a carrier was waiting for them.