September 9 - Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation has handled the transport of a 53-tonne scrubber from Tarsus, Mersin to Samsun in Turkey.

HLPFI reported on August 26 that Ekin had shipped two 45-tonne scrubbers from Mersin to Kocaeli in Turkey.

The scrubber was loaded onto a trailer and delivered by road to Mersin port, where it was loaded onto a chartered vessel and shipped to Ye?ilyurt port in Samsun.

The cargo was then transported by road once again to its final destination in Samsun.

Ekin was responsible for chartering and loading the vessel, lashing and dunnage at Mersin port, unlashing and discharge from the vessel as Samsun port, as well as offloading of the scrubber at the jobsite.

Ekin Heavy & Project Cargo Transportation
is a member of the Cargo Equipment Experts (CEE) network in Turkey.