July 6 - More than 25 participants from 11 countries attended the latest 'Heavy Transport & Lifting' seminar in the Netherlands.

Participants came from engineering contractors and consultants, freight forwarders, marine surveyors, insurance companies, terminal operators, transport and crane contractors, as well as wind turbine manufacturers from the Netherlands, Australia, Abu Dhabi, Spain, Ireland, Nigeria, Germany, Switzerland, Denmark, Belgium and the UK.

In a two-day session heavy lift specialist, Richard Krabbendam, explained the basic details of how to handle heavy lifts safely.

The limited size of the group gave sufficient time for specific questions to be asked. Special attention was given to the issue of trailer stability as quite a few heavy loads still tip over during transport operations. An appeal was made to establish clear rules in relation to trailer stability, such as those that are already in place for ships and cranes.

There were extensive presentations on the lifting of large refinery columns with one, two or more cranes.

One of the participants commented: "I cannot fault this seminar in any way. It was the most informative two days I have ever spent and I will recommend it to anyone with interest in this industry."

The next two day English langauge seminar in the Netherlands will be held on the 30th and 31st of October 2009.

To sign-up check the website: www.heavyliftspecialist.com