Enerpac has completed overload testing of the SCJ-series of self-locking cube jacks.

Launched earlier this year, the SCJ-50 cube jack has been designed for the incremental lifting and lowering of heavy loads. The compact and portable hydraulic system uses a base lifting frame and self-aligning cribbing blocks to provide stable lifting. Each unit has a capacity of 56 tons (50.8 tonnes).

For the test load, four cube jacks were used to raise a 226.5-ton (205.5-tonne) load to a height of 2 m. The cube jacks were connected together via a split-flow pump to provide synchronous lifting and lowering.

“The overload test demonstrated the power and ease of use of the SCJ-50 cube jack for lifting large heavy loads,” said Pete Crisci, product line director at Enerpac Heavy Lifting Technology. “We also subjected the cube jacks to a 1.5 percent side load at its maximum 2 m height to successfully demonstrate the stability of the cube jack even with an oversize load.”