May 18 - Heavy-lift helicopter manufacturer and operator Erickson Air-Crane Inc has filed an Initial Public Offering (IPO) worth USD 75 million on the NASDAQ exchange in New York.

The Oregon-based company owns, operates, and maintains a fleet of 17 heavy-duty S-64 Aircrane helicopters worldwide. The craft, which are capable of lifting up to 11.3 tonnes, are used in firefighting as Helitankers, power line construction, logging, and oil and gas support applications. Industrial clients have included fire departments, forest managers, and global heavy construction companies. 

As part of its current development plans, the company is finalising the development of its vacuum lift system that incorporates a quick and efficient way to transport pipe sections and pipeline construction equipment. The system is designed for enhanced safety, fitting snugly around the delicate skin of the oil and gas pipe sections without scratching the anti corrosion layer, whilst also incorporating the company's patent-pending anti-rotation rigging technology. 

With the vacuum lift pipe and equipment transport system, the S-64 Aircrane can lift long sections of large diameter oil and gas pipeline. The technology is also capable of attaching to transport ISO containers, 
portable housing and other types of support equipment. 

The company has international subsidiaries operating in Canada, Europe, and Asia and manufactures the S-64 under a certificate purchased from Sikorsky.