February 18 - Antwerp-based project cargo forwarder, Europe Cargo handled the arrival of a consignment of 37 items of pre-assembled steel racking, lifting equipment and adjustable spreader bars weighing some 10,000 tonnes at the Belgian gateway. Its volum

The cargo had been brought from Punta Cugno, Italy by Jumbo Vision and was transhipped to four Rhine barges for shipment to the final consignee at the Fluor terminal, Frankfurt.

The cargo was loaded under deck as well as on deck. On Europe Cargo's instructions, the crew unlashed chains and cut the stoppers and D-rings upon arrival at Antwerp.

Unloading at the Europe Cargo terminal required specialised stevedore lifting equipment such as easily adjustable extenders and two 100 tonne Gottwald motorised mobile harbour cranes. The ship's cranes were not suitable due to outreach issues.

Europe Cargo also arranged Customs clearance in Antwerp. After unloading, necessary repairs and cleaning of the frames was arranged and took several days. When this was completed Europe Cargo ordered and arranged loading of four 110 m barges for hinterland transport via the Rhine to the final Frankfurt site.