December 6 - With the UK caught in the middle of wintery conditions that are playing havoc with all modes of transport, Air Charter Service says that icy road conditions, and the closure of many major UK airports, has meant that aircraft charters for time

Dan Morgan-Evans, assistant cargo sales director, explains: "The snow and ice this week in the UK has caused chaos on the roads. Production lines across the country have been close to shutting down completely due to trucks from Europe not being able to get to their destinations, and trucks from here unable to make it abroad. We have received floods of calls with European freight forwarders desperately trying to get cargo to the factories on time. These situations are something that we deal with on a day to day basis here at ACS, but the sheer volumes caused by the adverse weather conditions have surprised a few this week.

"We have chartered everything from small jets and turboprops up to Boeing 737s and Antonov 12s both from the UK and into the UK. The cargo is mainly automotive parts that, if they do not make it on time, have the ability to shut down an entire factory's production line. Just in time management means that this is quite commonplace these days, but the amount of demand that we have had this week has been incredible."