January 7 - The Cyprus Ports Authority (CPA) is going ahead with a contract which will see the port of Lemesos' western basin quay extended by 500 m, increasing its total length to 1,270 m.

The quay extension, which is the second stage of a EUR60 million (USD83 million) project, aims to meet the need to accommodate larger container and ro-ro vessels and cargo growth, as a result of the expected lifting of the Turkish embargo.
The first phase of the project saw the port deepened by 16 m in the western basin and 17 m in the port's turning circle and entrance channel.
Port capacity is set to be further enhanced by a series of other projects, including the purchase of three super post panama gantry cranes, a new 60-tonne capacity tug boat and a new pilot boat.
The quay extension project is scheduled to begin early in 2014.
The CPA is concentrating on establishing and improving Cyprus' ports to serve transhipment trade and cruise traffic in the southeastern Mediterranean, and also has plans to commence enhancement and reconstruction projects in the ports of Vassiliko and Paphos.