January 25 - Fairstar Heavy Transport has been awarded a contract by Grinaker - LTA Construction Nigeria, a member of the Worley Parsons Group which has resulted in the company's semi-submersible vessel, FJORD departing from its home port in Rotterdam and

The total contract value is approximately USD900,000 and requires approximately six transportation/project days.

Chris Muilwijk, sales team leader of the Fairstar Client Services Group, pointed out "The sandbar at the entrance of the Escravos River continues to thwart the efforts of our competitors to provide transportation and support solutions for activities in and around the EGTL Project. We are pleased to be involved with Grinaker in this important assignment and we are well aware of who will be watching us perform."

Philip Adkins the Fairstar chief executive officer added, "Fairstar has strived to establish a reputation in the energy industry as a provider of marine heavy transportation solutions beyond the scope and imagination of our competitors. Our work for Northern Off-Shore above the Arctic Circle in the middle of a harsh Norwegian winter and the innovative launching of the Marettimo M in Sicily by the FJELL underscore the complexity of our products and highlight the value of our ships and the people who operate them. This new assignment is not especially significant in revenue terms. However, it is critical in extending our reputation within our key client base. Leadership in our industry will be determined by commitment, innovation and performance, not by size."