May 6 - In Sri Lanka, Famous Pacific Shipping has transported four spud legs, each 24 metres in length, from the port of Colombo to the construction site of two new wastewater disposal systems outside the capital.

The barge pin-anchor systems, unusually-named spud legs, are used to assist work within shallow water in securing floating platforms to their watery bed and preventing general movement and drifting.


Collectively weighing in at 60 tonnes, their transport required the use of two ten tonne fork lift trucks , two six tonne fork lift trucks and extendable trailers for the 15 km haul from the port to the construction site, moving at night to avoid traffic disruption.


The move was carried out for Danish construction company, Pihl & Sons, which has been contracted to design and construct two plants. The works comprise installation of a pipe network, civil and building works, plus mechanical and electrical works. The project is being constructed by subcontractors under the supervision of JV Pihl/Läckeby-Purac.


These systems, funded by The Asian Development Bank, will ensure that only treated effluent will be released into waters surrounding Colombo.