January 9 - Amman, Jordan based company Orient Heavy Haulage has completed the transportation and installation of units for the IPP3 project, making use of Faymonville's G-module trailers.

The IPP3 tri-fuel power plant, which will be capable of utilising natural gas, heavy fuel oil and light fuel oil, is powered by a total of 38 295-tonne Wärtsila 50DF engines, which were transported on Faymonville's G-modules.

Recently a number of Faymonville vehicles have been operating in Iraq, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan and Oman. "Elsewhere in the region there are more concrete projects which are on the point of being concluded right now," said the company.

According to Faymonville, it has been targeting the Middle Eastern market for two years, and is hopeful that the demand for heavy equipment, primarily modular trailers, will continue to offer prospects for the company.