September 16 - Luxembourg headquartered heavy equipment manufacturer Faymonville has launched a new and improved version of its Telemax trailer, designed for the transport of rotor blades for wind power plants.

With the triple-extended 55 m Telemax trailer, Faymonville has responded to to a changing marketplace in which wind turbine rotor blades are getting increasingly longer. The new trailer has pendle axles, which means more stroke (600 mm) and an increased steering angle of 60 degrees. 

The adjustments make it easier for the trailer to manoeuver through tight corners and difficult to access roads. New modifications also make it possible to increase the rear ground clearance, so the new Telemax trailer can swivel over substantial obstacles. 

The new Telemax can be fitted with various front parts - either rigid or hydraulically-liftable - dependent on specification or customer requirements.   

"In order to minimise (for vehicles with a desired transport length up to 65 m) any problems with the authorisation procedure, we now have a quadruple extending bed trailer available in our range," commented Arnold Luxen, sales director, Faymonville. The total trailer length in retracted state, depending on the tractor unit, lies between 22 m and 23 m. 

The trailer also features a rear slide out extendable platform which can be used as a resting point for the rotor blades, which counteracts the bending with an extra-long load. The extension also allows for the pivoting radius to be adjusted at will when transporting the wing blades.