May 28 - Supporters of charities connected with the freight industry are being invited to nominate their organisation to be considered for backing from an international company.

Fhoss Technology® Ltd plans to select the charity that will benefit the most from a connection with its new illuminated protective clothing system.

Andy Kimitri, executive chairman of Fhoss Technology®, who invented the product, said: "We have recently launched our revolutionary new product, which allows equipment operators to see other workers in poorly lit conditions and in the dark when there's no other light around.

"We aim to back one organisation that will become our overall 'Charity of the Year' and we are hoping people will write in and tell us who they feel would best benefit from our support and why."

Kimitri, who used to run nightclubs, was originally looking for a way to be able to pick out security staff during any disturbances on the dance floor.

He explained: "As they say, necessity is the mother of invention, and from this initial need I have designed, created and patented a new illuminated clothing system that will be used to help drivers and equipment operators see workers in the dark.

"This is the next generation of personal protective equipment (PPE) and several steps on from the high visibility jackets, trousers and vests workers wear that have been around for more than 50 years and have hardly changed. This isn't just reflective clothing. It is one step ahead, or even a giant leap forward.

"We have produced a light emitting reflective tape, which has been designed for use in professional environments where wearing a high visibility garment, such as a vest, is often mandatory due to ever growing health and safety regulations."

Traditional high visibility reflective tapes work on the principle that they actively collect light and then reflect it back towards the light source.

Kimitri added: "We are looking to support a charity in connection with our line of work.

"Charities can be nominated via our Facebook pages and Twitter account or people can The closing date for nominations is July 1, 2012."

Once a charity has been selected Fhoss Technology® says it will help by donating products, as well as assisting with fundraising initiatives wherever possible.

Kimitri says the Fhoss Technology® product has been carefully manufactured and is approved and certified to the internationally recognised EN471 standard by independent test agencies.