March 27 - Gottwald Port Technology GmbH (Gottwald) has recently received its first ever order for the Dominican Republic. The order is for two G HMK 6407 Mobile Harbour Cranes, variants of the Model 6 series of Generation 5, Gottwald's current bestseller

The cranes, which are expected to be commissioned by April, have been selected for cargo handling in the Port of Caucedo at a terminal operated by DP World 

Gottwald's current bestseller, Model 6 of Generation 5, is a harbour crane for high-performance applications and high handling rates - assured by lifting capacities of up to 120 tonnes, working radii of up to 51 m and hoisting speeds of up to 120 m/min. 

The G HMK 6407 variant, chosen by DP World for the Port of Caucedo in the Dominican Republic, has a lifting capacity of up to 100 tonnes and a working radius of up to 51 metres. 

Model 6 is the preferred choice for universal and special terminals servicing container vessels up to the Post-Panamax size and bulk carriers up to Capesize. The principle areas of application include high-end, high-speed container handling, also including twinlift mode and professional, continuous bulk handling. Model 6 is also well suited to terminals performing a significant number of heavy-load lifts.