March 04 - ALE's AL.SK90 crane has completed its first major lift.

The crane was used to lift a 69 metre long Depropaniser column weighing 755 tonnes at a petrochemicals plant in Jubail, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Working at 84 metres outreach allowed engineers to complete foundations and piperacks in advance of column installation.

The crane was designed and built by ALE's Research & Development unit in Breda, The Netherlands in 2008 and has the capacity to lift 4,300 tonnes, using a strand lift system and 600 tonnes with a quick winch system. Its main mast is 130 metres high.

The AL.SK90 can be relocated on-site fully-rigged saving considerable time to the construction schedule on major projects.

At the end of any project, the crane is dismantled and shipped in standard shipping containers.

ALE is headquartered in Staffordshire, UK and is one of the world's leading heavy lift and transport companies operating from 20 locations around the world.