September 24 - TBS International Limited has taken delivery of the newly-constructed vessel Rockaway Belle from Nantong Yahua Shipbuilding Co.

Rockaway Belle is the first in a series of six "Roymar Class" 34,000 dwt multipurpose tweendecker vessels that the TBS has ordered and has box-shaped holds, open hatches and fully retractable hydraulic tweendecks. 

It is geared with 35 and 40 tonne cranes which can be combined to lift up to 80 tonnes. 

TBS expects delivery of four vessels in 2010 and the last vessel in 2011.

With the delivery of Rockaway Belle, TBS's current fleet expands to 48 vessels with an aggregate of 1.43 million dwt, consisting of 25 tweendeckers and 23 handymax/handysize bulk carriers.

Joseph E. Royce, Chairman, CEO and president stated: "The delivery of Rockaway Belle is ... part of our long term fleet modernisation and expansion programme. The vessel is entering our TBS Pacific Liner Service. 

"The Roymar Class vessels are optimal for our liner and parcel services, which transport high-value project cargo, general cargo and steel parcels in one direction and bulk raw materials on the return voyage. The tweendecks double the floor space per ship substantially increasing its capacity to safely transport these high-value cargoes, while on the return voyage, the tweendecks fully retract and the ship functions as a handysize bulk carrier.