April 30 - S.V.M.M has become the first French company to purchase a new Terex Explorer 5800 all terrain crane.

Designed with worldwide roadability in mind, the Terex Explorer 5800 is especially suited to French road regulations, said Terex.

"Because of its compactness, it is a perfect crane for jobsites in an urban environment," said Arnaud Brouillard, co-owner of S.V.M.M. "The Explorer 5800 has roughly the same footprint as our Terex AC 120, which our operators are well accustomed to. This means they can operate it confidently in a very short time and work efficiently."

S.V.M.M has already got several jobs planned for the crane, ranging from the erection of large tower cranes and the assembly of harbour gantry cranes to the construction of a sports arena.