September 27 - Germany's Flensburger Schiffbau-Gesellschaft (FSG) shipyard has handed over the 19,300 dwt con-ro ferry Oceanex Connaigra to Canadian shipping firm Oceanex.

HLPFI reported in August the 210 m con-ro ferry, on which work commenced in October 2012, was on schedule for delivery during October 2013 (

FSG managing director, Peter Sierk, says that this newbuild is proof of the shipyard's ability to compete on the global stage: "It's not only that we were able to win this new order over competitors from across the world. No! With this completely new ship design we have demonstrated once again that we are well up to the enormous challenges which building such a prototype entails."

The vessel's design, including deck ramps and clear deck heights means that containers of different sizes as well as trucks, trailers and cars can be stowed on board the ship's 13,700 sq m of available space.

The vessel has the highest ice classification available and is certified for worldwide transport. Because of heavy weather conditions and temperatures as low as -30°C where the vessel will operate, all components on the newbuild are built to the highest criteria, above the usual standard for con-ro ships on the market, says FSG.

The vessel's streamlined design will reduce fuel burn by 30 percent over older ships previously in service, in turn reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 20,000 tonnes per year.

"The Oceanex Connaigra is a highly-innovative and particularly flexible new development, notably eco-friendly to boot. And she has been created entirely by our own engineers," Sierk continued. "Oceanex Connaigra proves - as do the further prototypes we are currently building - that specialised shipbuilding is indeed our forte - a forte on which we will in future always be able to rely in international shipbuilding."