May 14 - Global ship spares logistics specialist GAC Marine Logistics (GML) has successfully completed a complex ships spares movement involving a 7.5-metre diameter, 28-ton propeller from Kobe , Japan, and 9-metre long, 13-ton shaft from Busan, South Kor

GML was entrusted with the entire operation, from receiving the propeller and shaft from the suppliers' doors at their separate points of origin, through to fitting the shaft to the propeller before placing them in long-term storage at its dedicated warehouse in Singapore, helping to ensure that both items are ready for dispatch and immediate use on any of the ABC fleet of vessels.

A team of Wartsila technicians was flown in for the fitting. Working closely with them to meet safety and technical requirements, GML made sure everything was in place before they arrived. That included hiring a 150 MT crane to lift the shaft for safe installation, and arranging for a power generator, blocks of teak wood to support the propeller, lifting team for security purposes and cleaning of the items. After fitting, the shaft was removed from the propeller and the items are stored separately at a secure location in GML's facility in Singapore.