March 18 - Norwegian shipping line Grieg Star Shipping is to retain its US Gulf/East

After corporate restructuring, the line looked again at the business model of its existing liner services and came to the conclusion that Rotterdam was still its first choice port of call in Europe for this service.

The line will still continue to use its Interforest terminal, part of the SCA Transforest Group. The service is focused primarily on breakbulk cargoes but carries some project cargo traffic on its open hatch ships.

According to the shipping company, box shaped holds and unobstructed deck space gives its ships excellent stowage for various project cargoes. The companies newbuildings are equipped with removable tween-decks in two levels in hold 4 and 8 and each of these decks has a capacity of 5.5 tonnes/sq.m,
affording flexibility in combining a mixture of fragile, sensitive and project cargoes.