August 7 - H

The CAF-manufactured trams, each of which weigh up to 27.5 tonnes, measuring 3.6 m high and between 14.8 m and 19.3 m long, are being transported by Höegh on behalf of Deugro Española.

The cargo is being shipped on Höegh's new 62 ft (18.9 m) roll trailers with rails. Höegh explained that the rails make the loading and transport of trams and railcars with bogies, easy and safe.

Loading on to the roll trailers is achieved by sliding the trams from a truck equipped with rails, onto the roll trailer without lifting the units. At the destination, the same method is used in reverse.

Höegh says that this method minimises the number of lifts that the units have to undergo, therefore mitigating the risk of damage.