October 21 - Hacklin Logistics has transported six heavy propulsion units, or thrusters, from Rauma, Finland to China.

The units, which weighed 103 tonnes each and were produced in Rauma by Rolls Royce, were shipped to the port of Shanghai, where they were sold to a shipyard close to the Chinese port.

Hacklin project coordinator Mikael Einio explained that the company chartered BBC Chartering's vessel BBC Hawaii for the shipment from Rauma to Shanghai.

"We arranged dedicated loading and unloading surveys at both ends," said Einio. "Once the cargo arrived in China, Hacklin's own company representative, Eric Wang, was on hand to supervise the unloading operation from the vessel directly onto barges."

Hacklin Logistics has been a member of the Project Cargo Network (PCN) representing Finland since 2011.