October 29 - According to a report in the Daily Nation, Kenya's leading newspaper, the arrival of huge steel imports at Mombasa port for Uganda's World Bank-funded hydro power project is posing a huge challenge on how the cargo will be delivered to Uganda

According to the report, hundreds of tonnes of reinforcement steel bars to be used for the construction of the Bujagali Hydro power project arrived in Mombasa two weeks ago, but the region's haulage industry faces a shortage of special trucks that can transport such loads.

The Daily Nation reports that transport companies are now afraid that corruption at weighbridges will allow some of the cargo to move via ordinary trucks, rather than the multi-axle trucks which should be used to deliver the cargo without damaging the roads. However, only a handful of transport companies have such vehicles.

In October last year, the Kenya government implemented a three-axle rule ostensibly barring cargoes weighing more than 48 tonnes from the Kenyan roads.