January 30 - HeavyLift@Sea has presented a prototype draft of a new heavy goods transporter - the HLV1600.

Founded last year, HeavyLift@Sea is a Hamburg headquartered maritime engineering specialist with a focus on the heavy goods shipping sector. With this in mind, the HLV1600 is designed to be a multipurpose vessel capable of transporting large size part loads as well as bulk goods.

According to Hendrik Gröne, co-founder of HeavyLift@Sea the vessel will be able to "transport project loads such as parts for wind energy plants and containers just as easily as it can load grain".

The vessel has been designed to be 169.7 m long and 28 m wide with a payload of 22,000 tonnes. With closed hatches the HLV1600 will have a maximum draught of 9 m, or 7.5 m with hatches open.

The vessel will have a capacity of 28,000 cu m, which can be split by an intermediate deck. The HLV1600 can be equipped with two heavy lift cranes with a capacity of 1,600 tonnes. Its proposed diesel engine will propel the ship to a top speed of 16 knots. The working deck covers an area of 3,800 sq m and a crew of 30 can be accommodated.

Gröne added: "We offer this ship to the customer as a basic design and can adapt it precisely to suit their wishes and individual needs."