March 5 - The HGV Road User Levy Act became law in the United Kingdom last week.

The new charge will be introduced in April 2014. The levy will be a time-based fee of up to GBP1,000 (USD1,511) per year, or GBP10 (USD15.1) per day, and will apply to lorries weighing more that 12 tonnes using UK roads.

UK-registered commercial vehicles will be compensated for the charge by way of reductions in vehicle excise duty (VED).

According to the UK's Department of Transport, the levy will create a fairer deal for UK hauliers. Most EU states already charge lorries for using the roads - a charge that UK hauliers must pay - while foreign vehicles have been able to drive on UK roads without paying for the wear and tear that they cause.

"This new act will help the UK logistics industry remain competitive by making sure that operators from abroad are paying towards the cost of building and maintaining the UK's roads as well as creating a level playing field for domestic operators," explained road minister Stephen Hammond.

Non-payment of the levy will be a criminal offence and could result in a fine of up to GBP5,000 (USD7,559).